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Top 7 Reasons to Deep Clean Your Carpet for a Healthy Home

by Jeff in Carpet Cleaning

7 Reasons to Deep Clean Your Carpet by Voorhies Carpet CleaningBelieve it or not, cleaning your carpet isn’t just to keep it looking nice.

Here are seven important reasons to have your carpet steam cleaned regularly:

  1. Improves indoor air quality by removing bio-pollutants from your floors and furniture
  2. Removes dust containing toxic chemicals like lead, phthalates and brominated flame retardants that have sloughed out of products and furniture to improve your family’s health
  3. Reduces allergy and asthma triggers in dust
  4. Removes microscopic bacteria and germs you can’t see but can make you sick
  5. Restores the color and texture of your carpet and upholstery fibers
  6. Removes stains that tend to set in over time and become too difficult to remove
  7. Protects of one of your home’s major investments, saving you money in replacement costs and maintaining your warranty

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