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Common Carpet Cleaning Myths: Cleaning Less Frequently Saves Money

by Jeff in Carpet Cleaning

I’ve been in the carpet cleaning business since 2002 and during that time, I’ve realized that carpet cleaning can be a confusing topic.  There are so many misconceptions about carpet cleaning that I thought a series on common carpet cleaning myths would be helpful.

Myth:  It’s not necessary to have your carpet cleaned very often.  Waiting as long as possible between cleanings saves you money.

False:  Not in the long run. For your carpet, it means a shorter life.

The dirt you can’t always see is called dry particulate soil.  It is abrasive and will scratch the plastic fibers of your carpet.  Over time, this abrasive action will decrease its natural light reflection, leaving it dull in appearance.  This condition is called “apparent shading” and cannot be reversed by carpet cleaning.  Soiled carpets wear out much faster, decreasing the longevity of one of your largest home investments.

Our Recommendations:

  • Carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpet professionally cleaned every 12-18 months (or more often in homes with pets and children).
  • Frequent vacuuming will help prevent apparent shading in between cleanings.
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